Arie is an Infected with a secret

Follow this thrilling adventure that will have you hooked until the end

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Arie used to live a normal life: high school and homework, parents and brother, best friends and boyfriend. You know the drill.

But all at once, her life was taken from her as she was thrown into a dangerous world with a horrible secret that she would give anything to protect. Now stuck in a violent game of cat and mouse, Arie spends her time running from Mr. Sark, the man representing the organization that would do anything to get their hands on what she is hiding; and her father, who knows exactly how powerful this secret can be. Then Arie meets Erika, a young woman who has a strange fascination with Arie’s world. Erika gives Arie a new spin on life, opening her up to ideas that seem impossible but begin to heal the deep wounds from her past. But Erika can’t protect Arie forever. It’s only a matter of time before the enemy catches up. With her back against the wall, Arie is forced to decide who to trust while protecting not only her secret, but those she loves and her broken self—wondering if it’s worth it. When you’ve been shattered is there any chance to be fixed? When you’re so thoroughly damaged, is there any hope for survival?

ArieThe Infected
Infected by her father at 15, Arie lives on the run in order to keep her secret safe from the likes of Sark, knowing one mistake on her part could cost the world
SarkThe Bad Guy
Driven and cruel, Sark is the young villain trying to prove himself by getting his hands on what Arie is desperately trying to hide
ErikaThe Bystander
Erika starts as just an annoying stranger to Arie but soon becomes that catalyst that changes Arie’s life forever
This book kept me on my toes trying to guess which twist and turn would come next. Emilee King is an exciting new author who I can’t wait to read more from. Surviving on a Whisper is well written with excellent characters and plot that make it impossible to put down until you reach the exciting and surprise ending.
Scott Wilkinson
This book truly captures you in the first chapter and keeps you hooked with plenty of twists and turns to keep you thinking. There is more violence than I like, but I’m a tender heart. That aside, I would love to see more from the author!
Amazon Customer
I found myself constantly trying to figure out the answers to why things were happening in this book. I liked how the author keeps you guessing, as some answers take longer to find out. I was happy that I was wrong in most my guesses, it kept me in the suspense. I am looking forward to a sequel! I’m anxious to see where the next book takes Arie.
Very well written. It was captivating and intriguing; I couldn’t put it down! The characters came alive and I felt a bond with each one, I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.
This author is outstanding! She really sucks you in from page one. I loved how you really could connect with the characters and got to feel them grow from each twist and turn throughout the novel. She was very descriptive and really let you see what Arie was feeling and thinking. I loved Arie’s connection with other characters that she meets and her need to help people, but also keep herself hidden. Overall, the book was wonderful!
Erin Marie Caplan

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Chapter 1

I’ve always wanted to see Chicago. Sears Tower, Buckingham Fountain, Cloud Gate—the whole nine yards. Under normal circumstances, being in Chicago would be exciting, fun even. Not today. I don’t experience normal circumstances anymore.

My heart pounded, breaths uneven, as I sprinted down the sidewalk. At any moment everything could be over. My life and all that I had worked for in the past few years could be shattered. Of course, could was the vital word I was depending on. Even if my pursuers managed to catch me, there was a chance that they wouldn’t discover my secret. I had been able to protect my secret thus far but I still had to treat every chase as life or death—as if they even saw me they could unravel the mystery that followed me… Continue Reading

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