So here’s another confession: Halloween is my least favorite holiday, which is a real tragedy because my two favorite colors are orange and black.

I think this mostly comes from my mom, who detests Halloween with her whole soul. She says she hates the idea of sending her kids house to house begging for candy–she’d rather just buy us our own candy. Growing up, October 31st would roll around and she would bribe me and my sisters with a movie or trip to the mall to celebrate Halloween, and we’d often agree. I didn’t do the whole trick-or-treat thing very often, so now that I’m ‘too old’ for that, I don’t have anything to miss.

Instead, I spend my Halloweens watching the scariest movie I can dare myself to watch. I don’t do well with scary movies, even though I think they’re fun, mainly because I get scared super easily. I don’t do clowns. I don’t do spiders. I don’t do guys in masks with chainsaws. But I do like to scare myself from time to time.

So in the spirit of Halloween, here are some trailers for my favorite scary movies, or ones that I didn’t like but succeeded in terrifying the crap out of me. Happy screaming, my friends.

Woman in Black–probably my favorite.

House at the End of the Street

The Ring (Disclaimer: I did not die after seven days. I was terrified for seven days, contemplated my will for seven days, but I did not die)

Also, I haven’t seen this movie but aspire to be brave enough to watch it someday.