I have the hardest time writing biographies, mostly because I think they’re boring and don’t really show who people really are. But I LOVE random facts, especially about people, and I prefer to get to know people that way. So, without further ado, here are twenty random facts about yours truly.


  1. Fangirl turned author
    1. My first book series actually started as fanfiction for my all-time favorite TV show Alias.
  2. NaNoWriMo
    1. I got my writing start through National Novel Writing Month. Stories saved my life, and I’m forever grateful to this incredible program for putting me on the path that led me to publishing. If you’re looking for a crazy writing challenge, hit it up!
  3. First fandom
    1. Twilight was my first book love when I was twelve, and that launched my complete book obsession. Though one could argue that it all began when I was a kid and made my dad reread Go, Dog, Go every night.
  4. ‘Til the end of the line
    1. I’m a hardcore Marvel fan and superheroes make up my soul. I’ll never forget going to see Captain America in theaters on a whim and falling in love, then sitting in awe during the end credits montage for Avengers and being like I have to be a part of this.
    2. What, this? Oh it’s just me with my hero at Comic Con. No big deal.
  5. Rapunzel, Rapunzel
    1. My hair falls nearly to my waist, and despite it being the biggest pain sometimes, I refuse to cut it—even though wet hair is one of my biggest pet peeves. Yuck.
  6. The Collector
    1. I. Love. Stuff. Cups, pens, sticky notes, and Pop Funkos are my prime collections, but I have so many cool random knick knacks. My mom thinks I’m a low-class hoarder, but I can point to each thing and tell you in great detail why it’s vital that I keep it. I feel like my stuff lets me display parts of who I am.
  7. My life soundtrack
    1. I’m a hardcore Taylor Swift fan, but other favorites are Ed Sheeran, Paramore, Florence + the Machine, Halsey, Of Monsters and Men, and OneRepublic. The most embarrassing things on my playlist are probably the Descendants soundtrack (Rotten to the Core, anyone?) and Barbie and the Diamond Castle
  8. Survival needs
    1. It’s extremely rare to catch me without these three things on me at all times: my phone, my water bottle, and my mini container of Vaseline
  9. Extra long please
    1. I like to get all of my hoodies a size or two larger because I love when my sleeves are a little too long
  10. I believe I can fly
    1. My favorite feeling is the wind on my face. I love roller coasters, four-wheeling, rolling down the window in the car on the freeway, and anything else that gives me that blissful feeling
  11. Friends
    1. I’ve watched Friends countless times and love to quote it. I’d have to say I’m definitely Chandler with a dash of Monica because 1. I use sarcastic humor to hide my problems 2. I’m hopeless, awkward, and desperate for love, and 3. I would for sure swim through the lake to retrieve the Geller Cup just so I could say I beat my siblings
  12. Rock Collection
    1. When I was a kid, I had a major rock collection and thought I’d for sure be a geologist when I grew up. Now every time my friends go somewhere, I ask them to bring me back a rock, and I keep them on my bookshelf. The farthest one came from a temple in Thailand.
  13. Rhode Island
    1. Ever since I was about twelve years old, my dream has been to go to Rhode Island and drive across it. And someday I’m gonna do it.
  14. If I could have a superpower…
    1. I think there are two ways to answer that question. First, if I were to have a superpower based on myself, it would probably be something like Xavier’s in X-Men (which is mostly why I love him so much) because I’m such an emotional sponge and am highly affected by the energy around me. Now, if I could pick a superpower, I’d have a tough time choosing between teleportation and invisibility. Oh, or being able to enter people’s dreams! That would be cool.
  15. Disney kid
    1. I was a hardcore Disney kid and I will never grow out of my love for it. Belle has always been my favorite princess, Ursula my favorite villain, and The Lion King my favorite soundtrack. My deep devotion to fairy tales has me hooked on retellings and has inspired me to start writing my own.
  16. If I could be a mythical creature…
    1. I’d for sure be a siren, which is funny because I don’t like the ocean that much, can’t swim, hate being wet, and have a deep fear of moss. But at least I have the hair for it. I’d also for sure want to be a pirate (which would work with being a siren) but honorable mention goes out to witch and vampire. And if I were Fae, I’d be the storykeeper.
  17. The best smells
    1. The world after rain (is that cliche?), Barnes & Noble (is that obvious?), sawdust (is that normal?), and Subway (is that weird?)
  18. The best gum
    1. Extra Spearmint. Don’t even argue with me.
  19. The best drink
    1. Sprite is my favorite thing ever. Rated by type, it goes 1. fountain 2. small bottle 3. two liter 4. Can
  20. I loooooove quotes
    1. I live on Pinterest and the walls in my room are plastered with art prints of my favorite quotes. It takes a lot of inspired words to keep me going, and I love surrounding myself with them.