Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all. I hope the couples in your life are happy but not pushing it, your ex is miserable, and you’re eating a lot of chocolate in denial or planning something fun to do. Despite the fact S.A.D. should be an actual sad day for those in my category, I find that I do love Valentine’s Day. Really, I just love holidays, reasons to throw parties and celebrate. My sisters and I are having our own party involving a Disney princess marathon and Rice Krispie Treats.

As a devoted–and single–fangirl, I find that I live vicariously through the love lives I find on the page and screen, which is dangerous in the sense that I’ll probably never find real love, since I’ll always be comparing the boys I meet to the ones I read about. So in honor of this holiday, I’ve decided to list, in no particular order, my favorite fictional couples.

—Percy and Annabeth

If you haven’t read the Percy Jackson series, you’re really missing out. Despite the fact that I’m basically promised to Captain America, Percy is my number one on the list of fictional boyfriends. And the opposites in the personalities of Annabeth and Percy just make their relationship more lovable and enjoyable.




—Syd and Vaughn 

J.J. Abrams’ TV series Alias is arguably the best series to ever grace the screen, so it’s only fitting that the two main characters made the list. I’ve never been so happy for two people to finally get together.



—Prince Charming and Snow White

Once Upon A Time lost its luster for me mid season two, but Charming and Snow’s “I will find you” devotion will never ever get old.





—Bella and Edward

*sigh* Well this was going to come up eventually. Yes, I’m a Twilight fan. Yes, I’m still a respectable human being. Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes and complaints. But, come on: getting to be with your soul mate forever? How cute is that?




—Dimitri and Anastasia

This movie was my childhood, Anastasia one of my first role models and Dimitri one of my first fictional crushes.




—Ellie and Carl 

No couple in history has ever had a story quite like theirs. Carl and Ellie take home the award for the best love story with amazing music, no words, and many tears in the shortest amount of time.



My roommate would add Castle and Beckett, and though I’ve never watched Castle, I totally believe her.

It’s not a complete list, but it’s still a good one.

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends. May you have a day full of love, fictional or otherwise.