Hey internet, guess what? Today is the second anniversary of Surviving on a Whisper!

It’s been a crazy two years, and I have grown and learned so much, as a person and an author. It’s funny to think that I started this whole thing just as an English project—just a fun way to pass the time. And now I’ve got a sequel out, a small but steady following, and another book on the way. My writing has improvedĀ so much in the past two years. I’ve learned more about coming out of my shell, how to share my stories and promote my books. I’ve seen the struggle of greatness, the bitterness of failure, and the jumping up and down of success.

Anyway, enough with the reminiscing. It’s time to party! IĀ love anniversaries so much and just knew I had to celebrate somehow. So today I’m releasing a short story in eBook form. The best part? It’s totally free. Call it my party favor for the celebration. Second best part? It gives you a deeper look into Arie’s Story and some side characters. The short falls in between the first and second book, and the protagonist is Arie’s best friend Alaina.

Excited? Yeah, me too!

Head on over here for more info and the link to download your free copy.

Happy anniversary! Turn on some good music, dance around a bit, and drink some sparkling cider in celebration, as though we were all together. Thanks for two years of support and love. Here’s to another year of growth, achievement, and writing.