Good afternoon, internet. I hope you’re enjoying your September.

First item of business: a while ago I told you all about how Surviving through the Night was super close to being done. I was lying. I didn’t know I was lying, but I was. Not that the whole affair has been cancelled, it’s just been taking longer to get things done than I anticipated. Alas, that’s just the way this works sometimes. I’m sad I can’t share the sequel with you now (I’m dying for you to read it) but I’m also happy because I know that the final product will be so much better because of the time lengthening. Patience is a virtue, one that I’m trying super hard to learn.

In other news, I am now…(pause for dramatic drumroll)…a grown up.

I know. Terrifying, right?

Let me explain to you the fact that I detest change. I’m the stupid butterfly that tries to go back into the cocoon because I was more comfortable in there. I like routine and reliability.

In the past two weeks, I’ve made a lot of crazy changes, the kind of changes that heavily alter the course of your future forever. I moved out. I started my first job. I enrolled in college. And for the past two weeks, the only urges I’ve felt were to cry, eat a carton of ice cream, and go hug my mom.

Change is scary. Change changes things. Change enhances the soul, brings new experiences, teaches you lessons, and keeps life interesting. Or so they tell me. I’m still going at my second carton of mint brownie ice cream.

But, if we look at fictional history, change is necessary. What would’ve happened to Panem if Katniss hadn’t volunteered? Who would’ve stopped Voldemort had Harry not been brought to Hogwarts? What would become of Phineas and Ferb if they didn’t come up with something new to do every single day?

It’s cliché and irritating, but we need change. Maybe not a revolution, Dark Lord, or Otherdimensioninator, but we need to shake things up every once in awhile or allow the shaking to happen.

So as we anxiously await for Surviving through the Night, I issue you a challenge to try something new, something somewhat scary, something that gets your heart rate up or your mind on full alert. And then write about it. Because, in my oh so humble opinion, the only things worth doing are the things worth writing down so other people can read them when they’re in a ball on their couch, eating ice cream and crying after their first week of college.