This has been in the works for awhile now, but I’d thought I’d make it official. It’s all too exciting to keep to myself anyway.

The sequel to Surviving on a Whisper is coming! Once we get closer I’ll be able to nail down an actual date, but for now just expect awesomeness in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.

I’m finishing up the first draft of the second book, and am almost ready to move into the revising/editing process. I’ve got to shape something out of the mess of words I’ve been spilling out, which is really hard but really fun at the same time. This is when things really start coming together.

Keep checking back to this website often. Starting within the next few weeks I’ll be posting a bunch of content–new character profiles, outtakes, extras, behind the scenes, teasers, and anything else I’ve got–from both the first and the second book, in order to gear up for the new release. It’s going to be awesome!

So get ready–Arie’s story is far from over. The craziness has only begun 🙂