Stolen from the tallest tower to pay a debt that isn’t hers

Cracks in the Tower by Emilee King


Fairy tales collide in this explosive new YA retelling by Emilee King. An orphaned thief who can’t steal what he truly wants. An imprisoned girl who can’t escape what she truly is. And monsters in the shadows, threatening to swallow them all.

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Once upon a time there was a girl with tousled hair and vacant eyes, who found the tallest tower and locked herself inside.


Rosalind Corona is a prisoner in her own house. After an accident that nearly killed her younger brother, Zachery, she’s never been the same, and spends her days locked in her room, drowning in guilt.

Gothel Riden owes a debt. He and his crew of lowly thieves bit off more than they can chew, and now they owe an enormous debt to Pepperjack, Elaria’s crime lord, who settles overdue charges by skinning those who can’t pay. The only way to get the amount of money they need in time? Steal something greater than they’ve ever stolen before: a royal councilman’s child. Sterling Corona would pay anything to get his daughter back, and Gothel is banking on that to save his own skin. Literally.

When the ransom deal goes south, Rosalind finds herself lost with bloodthirsty criminals on her heels, while tripping over her own feet—and her hair. More a prisoner than ever, she must learn to free herself from her chains and stop the band of criminals before they slaughter everything—and everyone—she’s ever loved.

In this second installment of the Elarian Chronicles, Emilee King weaves fragmented fairy tales into a poignant and thrilling plot of suspense, intrigue, and adventure. Cracks in the Tower will have you on the edge of your seat as Rosalind and Gothel try desperately to escape the monsters chasing them and find their way back home.



About Emilee KingEMILEE KING

Emilee King really loves to write fictional stories, she really hates to write biographies. All you need to know is she collects Sharpies, belongs in the Slytherin house, and will be on Team Cap forever. She lives in [LOCATION BLOCKED] with her laptop, where she writes, binges Netflix, and does secret agent work on the side (obviously).
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