I got an email today from NaNoWriMo about prep work and gearing up for the big day: November 1. That will be the day that I set out to write another 50,000 words in the month of November, which will eventually turn into book two of Arie’s story. It’s funny because for you guys this is just getting started. Surviving on a Whisper just came out and not many people have read it yet. I’m in a totally different world. I am way past book one and neck deep in the middle of book two. I met a couple of new characters today and saw several crazy things happen…Arie’s in for some insane stuff. But that’s in book two, which is mine to worry about at the moment. For now, you all enjoy Surviving on a Whisper and let me know what you think (better yet, post a review to Amazon). I’ll go back to outlining and prepping for the big day.

I’m so excited!!! 9 more days!!!

And for any of you dauntless people out there who are up for an adventurous challenge, you can still sign up for NaNoWriMo here. Really, anyone can do it. If 50,000 words is too much, you can always sign up for the Young Writer’s Program and set your own word count. Either way, it’s awesome. As my friend Maddy always says, do something spontaneous and see where it takes you–you might like where you end up.