o Infected: yes

o His handler’s name is Blaine, who is also Lucy’s handler

o Was first mentioned in Surviving on a Whisper when Alaina was telling the ‘Jefferson incident’ story

o First met Arie through Alaina after they’d run away following infection

o Is always wearing a ton of threaded bracelets up and down his arms, which hold a personal meaning

o Infected: yes

o Has a younger brother named Evan who was confined to a wheelchair after an accident she caused

o She and Brennan went to the same high school and have been best friends since, though the line between friendship and romance is often very blurry

o Her handler’s name is Blaine, who is also Brennan’s handler

o Like Arie, she was infected by a family member, so she feels a special bond toward Arie

o Infected: yes

o Her single mother is a nurse and worked long shifts, so Jacklynn spent a lot of time with her aunt

o A shy girl who didn’t have many friends in school. She’d spend most of her time reading, the Nancy Drew books being her favorite

o Vice President of her best friend Hadley’s many clubs, including the ‘Paper Airplane Pilot’ club

o Infected: yes

o Favorite thing to do is make/fly paper airplanes, especially with his best friend Jacklynn

o First met Arie when they were both on the run from their handlers. Hadley’s parents had to split up for safety reasons, so they left Hadley in Arie’s charge for a few days until it was safe again—they’ve been buddies since

o His parents died en route to the club, leaving Hadley in the infecteds’ care

o Infected: yes

o Was a star football player in high school

o Infected the same time as his younger sister, Leslie, and they ran away together

o Is often the cause of arguments or disagreements at the club, thanks to his arrogant and assertive behavior

o Infected: yes

o A natural leader, which is why Alaina gave him a leadership position at the club

o Favorite drink is cherry Dr. Pepper

o He’s always wearing the shark tooth necklace he got on his last vacation with his family

o Infected: yes

o Tech guy at the club

o Once (or a few times) got kicked out of an arcade because he knew how to rig the games so he’d win

o Has a deep love for frozen yogurt and his hair, though his shaggy hair makes him sad sometimes because his mom is no longer around to bug him about cutting it

o Infected: yes

o Was going to school to be a doctor before infection, so she’s the head of the small ‘medical staff’ at the club

o She experienced very little change when infected—her eyesight was the only thing that improved, but she still wears her glasses out of habit

o She spends every second she can going through what she has of Stephen White’s work in an effort to piece together reversal

o Infected: yes

o Worked as a research assistant for a successful biochemical engineer, which is where he first learned of the formula

o Was tricked into infection by another research assistant who had hidden ties to Alexis

o Quickly befriended Kayla once arriving at the club—they’re the smartest infecteds there and continue working on reversing the formula

o Infected: yes

o Known to have a not-so-subtle crush on Sark

o Has three sisters: Precious, Kitty, and Chloe

o Is very conscious of what she eats—carbs are of the devil—so she’s always chewing gum

o Infected: no

o Her favorite food is burnt toast with butter

o One of the only high-ranking female agents in the Office of Cultist Intelligence

o She’s driven and desperate to prove herself, knowing her superiors put her in a high-ranking position with the view that she’ll fail

o Found and arrested Mr. Sark; was found by Arie and chose to help her

o Infected: no

o Office of Cultist Intelligence agent and partner of Deron Shepherd

o His wife became very good friends with Lindsey

o Currently separated—but not divorced, he points out—from his wife

o Infected: no

o Office of Cultist Intelligence agent and partner of Brody Jaynes

o Has four kids: his son’s a cop, a daughter is an author, another is a CEO, and the last is a veterinarian

o His wife loves the fact that his hair went completely gray before hers did (which isn’t fair, he claims, because she dyes hers)

o Infected: no

o Director of Operations for the Office of Cultist Intelligence (OCI). The OCI is crumbling due to unsuccessful work, jeopardizing his job

o Was in charge of the mission that assimilated an OCI agent into Alexis’ organization. The mission eventually tanked and the agent was killed, and the failure put heat on Keaton

o Serves as the head interrogating officer for Mr. Sark

o Also imprisoned by Dalton, the same time Arie was

o Slowly befriended Arie—they would talk to each other through the air vents

o “Sunshine and roses, Arie. That’s where we’re headed,” is what he would always say

o Was murdered by Dalton, prompting Arie’s breakout

o Infected: no

o Works as an agent for the Office of Cultist Intelligence under Richard Dalton

o Like Erika, Dalton forced him into bad situations that only got worse, blackmailing when he wouldn’t comply

o Was an integral part in taking Arie and keeping her imprisoned

o Infected: no

o A mysterious third party who claims to know how to use the key and wants Arie to join forces with him

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