o Infected: yes

o Loves music and reading, and though she doesn’t really get into sports she has a tough competitive side

o Was infected by her father, Kurt Nolan, when she was fifteen. She’s also the key to the formula, making her a high-profile target for Alexis. She keeps this a secret for protection

o Her brother, Kieran Nolan, was her best friend—she never truly forgave him for joining the army and leaving her

o Met the hot and popular Connor Beckman junior year and he seemed interested in her, though she couldn’t fathom why. She dated him despite the protests of her family—oblivious to the way he treated her—until she discovered he wasn’t who he said he was

o Infected: no

o Recruited by Alexis at age 18, making him Alexis’ youngest prodigy

o Assigned to be Arie’s handler

o Feels threatened by being so much younger than most of his co-workers, so he purposefully talks and behaves years older than he actually is

o Desperate to prove himself to Alexis, which is why he hates Arie so much, as he feels she is the only thing standing in his way of the success he craves

o Infected: no

o Son of Kristen McCoy and Bryce Reynolds

o Used to always carry around floss with him because he was super paranoid about having good teeth

o Was often forced into being the ‘man of the house’ as his father was usually only around if he needed something from his wife

o He went off on his own after his mother died of cancer

o Infected: no

o Grew up outside Chicago and always dreamed of going to the big city

o Spent a few years in college but never got a degree because she switched her major so many times

o Tried many different jobs such as a fashion design intern, a desk assistant, a photographer, and a waitress

o Befriended Arie after they ended up sharing a cab

o Infected: yes

o Best friends with Arie

o Lennon is her handler; she often gets in trouble with him for her behavior, like flooding his house or sending ridiculous messages to his boss from his phone

o Her parents got divorced when she was eight and her father left—something she never got over

o Her hair is actually a dishwater brown color but she dyed it crimson when she was twelve, despite the protests of her mother, and never went back

o Infected: no

o The older brother of Alaina

o Feels heavy responsibility—especially toward his siblings—after his parents’ divorce and becoming the man of the house. Like Alaina, he never got over his father leaving them

o After his mother died in a car accident and Alaina decided to leave, he took the rest of his siblings to Chicago where they live/work in the club with his dad’s friend Neil Owens

o Plays the guitar and occasionally sings for the shows at the club, heavily influenced by his favorite band: Imagine Dragons

o Infected: no

o Born seven minutes before his twin, Mara

o Cousin to Liam and Alaina—he moved in with them when his parents died

o He’s always either telling jokes, doing magic tricks, playing soccer, or watching Star Trek

o Dream is to be a professional soccer player someday

o Infected: no

o Mark’s ‘younger’ twin

o Cousin to Liam and Alaina—she moved in with them when her parents died

o Loves cooking, especially baking bread, as that’s what she would always make with her mother

o Her jet black hair goes all the way down her back because she refuses to cut it, though you can’t really tell: she keeps it up in a bun all the time

o Infected: no

o A foster child since his mom gave him up for adoption when he was born

o Often faced racial discrimination in the boys home he grew up in and eventually ran away

o Alaina’s mom took him in as her own, and he was accepted by Liam, Alaina, Mark and Mara as a real sibling

o Music became his safe haven and he is rarely seen without his headphones. He also plays the drums for the club shows

o Infected: no

o Lived in a house with twelve kids and felt her voice was never heard. When she was fifteen she got on a bus and never went back home

o Like Andrew, she was found by Alaina’s mom and was welcomed into the family

o She’s devoted to her art—painting is her favorite, though she loves experimenting with any type of art form

o Would live on chips and salsa if she could

o Infected: no

o Was buddies with Alaina and Liam’s father in high school

o Used to be a cameraman for a news station before opening up his club

o Took in Liam and his siblings after their mom died in a car accident—their father left him a sizable amount of cash to provide for them

o Always keeps the same jar of saltwater taffy on his desk, despite the fact they’re years old and too hard to eat

o Infected: no

o The right-hand man to Mr. Sark

o His real name is, in fact, Daniel Lyra—Arie calls him Felix to make him seem less scary to her

o His father is a really successful drug dealer and the family is filthy rich

o His whole top row of teeth are actually fake. He had to have them put in when he was seventeen, after an accident took out the real ones

o Infected: no

o He’s an orphan from eastern Europe

o Never gave his cult organization an actual name because he wanted the world to only know him—that’s exactly what happened, as it’s always referred to as “Alexis’ organization” or “working for Alexis”

o Recruited Sark when he was 18 and living on the streets to be a part of his organization, making Sark Alexis’ youngest prodigy

o Built his organization in a web-like fashion, so he doesn’t do much of the dirty work anymore. His longtime associate, Jefferson, does most of the publicity among their employees

o Infected: no

o Grew up in the same orphanage as Alexis

o His real last name is actually unknown, as he was an orphan, but he took the name Jefferson after the founding father Thomas Jefferson once arriving in America, the idea being that he too would be the founder of something huge and powerful

o Used to starving as a kid, he ate grand amounts of food once becoming successful, facilitating his weight gain

o Works as second only to Alexis—his enthusiasm for the job and ability to manipulate people makes him the perfect leader in the organization

o Has a burning hatred for Arie after she broke his leg in front of his associates. He now walks with a slight limp because of the injury

o Infected: no

o Mother of Aiden McCoy and wife of Bryce Reynolds

o Loved playing the piano, listening to classical music, and reading

o Always shared a special connection with her son, as it was often just the two of them; however, later in his life Aiden would stand in between her and Bryce when her husband became physically abusive, and took care of her when she battled cancer, which strengthened their bond tremendously

o Passed away from lung cancer at age 36

o Infected: no

o Husband of Kristen McCoy and father of Aiden McCoy, as well as several unknown children

o Married his high school sweetheart, Kristen, after they graduated

o Had bad smoking, drinking, and gambling habits, often making him unstable and volatile

o Walked in and out on his family several times, but took off for good once Kristen was diagnosed with lung cancer

o Infected: no

o Moved in during junior year, served on student council and played on the football team at Arie’s high school

o Was assigned by Alexis to stay close to Arie, as a way to keep tabs on her dad’s activity involving the formula. The surveillance increased after she was infected

o Became Arie’s ‘boyfriend’ despite her family’s protests—he didn’t treat her well and cheated on her multiple times

o He played fake boyfriend to several girls on behalf of Alexis, but after a few years of disappointing paychecks, he took off and disappeared to live a life in hiding

o Infected: no

o His name is actually Eugene Charlie Logan, but he started going by Charlie after his name was the target of bullies in elementary school

o Became good friends with Arie after she moved to his neighborhood. He harbored a secret crush on her for years, making him a stark opponent to her boyfriend Connor

o He suspected something wasn’t right about Connor but Arie wouldn’t believe him and stopped talking to him, upon Connor’s request

o After he shut the door on her the night she asked for help, he went back out to look for her, disheartened when he couldn’t find her. In the coming weeks he found out about her running away and carried the guilt with him forever, wishing he would’ve helped her

o Infected: no

o Works for the Office of Cultist Intelligence: a government organization tasked with keeping tabs on people like Alexis, though they tend to be unsuccessful

o Assigned to the case of notorious Mr. Sark. He kept up with Sark’s infected, Arie, after she came to him hoping to put Sark away. However, her help is never enough to get him to Sark

o Has a problem with entitlement and his temper, as his wife Linda can attest to, and makes his job his number one priority

o His wife wasn’t able to have children—they considered adoption, though he was always so wrapped up in work that they never got to it. During the time they were separated, his wife Linda adopted a baby girl without telling him

o Infected: no

o His first infected was a girl named McKayla. She died shortly after Alaina was infected, and Lennon was then assigned to Alaina

o Assigned to work with Sark after Arie and Alaina became close—Lennon has a deep jealousy toward Sark because Alexis favors him, though Lennon knows it’s truly because Sark is better at the job despite being younger and less experienced

o His family runs a corrupted law firm that works to get criminals off for a stack of cash. He decided against joining the family business in an effort to prove he can be successful on his own

o Infected: no

o Arie’s older brother and best friend

o Was not a fan of Arie’s boyfriend Connor—and was very vocal about it—which put her through a lot of embarrassment

o Joined the army after graduating high school and was killed in action six months later

o Spent all his time playing Halo and other video games, but always managed to finish his homework at the last second and get an A, much to the chagrin of Arie

o Infected: no

o Father of Kieran and Arie, and husband of Candace Nolan

o Known for being distracted and indecisive, moving from one obsession to another, making it difficult for him to hold a job

o Would often take Kieran with him on his adventures, such as rock climbing, skydiving, paragliding, hiking, and exploring

o Discovered Philo Castor’s work and fell into a dark obsession despite his family’s efforts to bring him out of it. This led to him infecting his daughter, Arie, furthering alienating his family from him

o Infected: no

o Mother of Kieran and Arie, and wife of Kurt Nolan

o Likes cleaning and cross stitching, things she can do on her own when her husband is off or enveloped in his newest interest

o Was close to Arie, especially in the early days, as Kurt was always busy and would often take Kieran with him on adventures

o Her father and Kurt didn’t get along very well, tearing her between the two, which was very hard for her. When her father passed away, she never really recovered, leaving her emotionally unavailable when Kurt infected Arie just months later

o Infected: no

o The scientist who worked for Alexis and was later murdered by him for going against orders

o Attempted to reverse the formula, though it’s unclear how far he got

o Seems to have received aid from someone other than Alexis to try and reverse the formula

o Infected: no

o A scientist who lived in the 14th century with his wife and daughter

o Invented the formula used to create infecteds, though it was imperfect and wouldn’t yield the results he wanted

o His work generated many followers, mostly after his death, that often created cult-like organizations such as Alexis’ and others

o Arie has been known to call him Bob from time to time in reference to him or his works

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